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Grand Opening

KenCare SkinCare Centre in Hanoi 

with more 100 invited guests, they were presidents of different medical associations, directors of the hospitals, manager of aesthtic clinics, owners of spas and our distributors and friends.

KenCare organised the Scientific Symposium

for NUH in Hanoi 

We collaborate with our partner, National University Hospital (NUH) to organised a very successful  event in at KenCare in Hanoi. Two senior doctors from NUH, Prof. Steven Chang and Dr. Tan Lip Kun were present to share about NUH's research, diagnosis and treatments which related to Liver Cancer and Leukemia. More than 60 professors and doctors from more than 10 hospitals in Hanoi were attended

Demo of Micro Needle Therapy

by KenCare Singapore Expert

We organised the training program for the application of our products with micro-needle derma-roller at our training centres in Hanoi or Singapore one time per for the past 10 years. FBM (KenCare) was the first company introduced this therapy in Vietnam and the first group of doctors who received this training program were the doctors at National Dermatology Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam.

We trained more than 4000 doctors and beautician since 2007 

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