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More than 100 articles wrote about us and our scientific advisor,

Prof. Phan Toan Thang in Vietnam and his success in other countries

KenCare appointed Thu Cuc Hospital in Hanoi and its 16 Aesthetic Clinics as the application centres of P'CELL in Vietnam

KenCare appointed Sai Gon Xinh Group and its 36 Spas as the application centres of JuviSkinCare in Vietnam

KenCare appointed Bodyline International its 2 Medical Spas as the application centres of JuviSkinCare in Ho Chi Minh City 

Launching JuviSkinCare at GEM Centre

"After a very long journey of looking for a reputable products, finally I found JuviSkinCare and P'CELL, the two brands of KenCare are truly Stem Cell Technology Products. The most of my concern is quality and benefit to my customers"


"My company sale have gone up to 260% just after 1 week of Launching JuviSkinCare in

Ho Chi Minh City" 

"These are real products of science, out there in the market, many guys claimed that their products are stem cell products, but they could show any reference or evident of using which type of stem cell technology"

Truly Quality Products

Alex Ha
CEO of Bodyline International 


Associate Prof. Dr. DUONG DUC LAN
Former Director of Directorates of Vocational Training,
Ministry of Labour, Invalid & Social Affairs.
Former Deputy Minister of Minitry of Labour in Vietnam

"I asked myself after 2 months on and off at 2 hospital when my wound like a big orange at my bottom could not heal.

I knew Prof. Phan and Ms. Ann, but I never think that the wound could make me suffer like that. I contacted Prof.Phan and he sent a doctor from KenCare International Medical Clinic to treat my wound and it heal just after 10 days using KenCare products. I would like to be here to personal thank to Prof. Phan, Ms. Ann and KenCare Staff."

Am I Dying?

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