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KenCare's stem cell technology harvests stem cells from Swiflets' oral mucosa. The stem cells that are harvested are grown and cultured in a strict laboratory environment to ensure that they promote as well as stimulate the production of proteins and growth factors beneficial to the skin.


Our stem cells are employed in 2 ways: First, as “factories”, for the production of proteins and growth factors to improve complexion and to treat scars and wounds. Secondly, they stimulate the production of proteins and growth factors in proportions suitable for skin treatments. We refer to these basic components as PLASMA*, the key ingredient of our products.




Another basic component used in our scar and wound care products is named WH-Stem*. This ingredient is extracted from the cellular matrix of white horses' umbilical cords and placenta. The patent to extract stem cells from the extra-cellular matrix of umbilical cords and placenta is granted to FBM, a member of KenCare in Vietnam.
Products of KenCare are created using a special stem cell technology known as Single Cell Cloning. Single cell cloning is a complicated process but, simply put, it involves the selection of the healthiest and most potent cells, which are cultured to produce thousands of stem cells. These thousands of stem cells are then extracted, refined and integrated with other components to create functional products for the treatment of various skin problems.
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