The patent for the extraction of the extracellular matrix from the umbilical cord and the placenta was granted to FBM in 2014, KenCare bought over FBM and its patent in 2015. The Inventor of this patent was Prof. Phan Toan Thang.


Prof. Phan is the primary scientific adviser of KenCare and happens to be one of the founding members of FBM. He is also the Chief Scientist of Cell Research Corporation (CRC) in Singapore. 

In 2004, Prof Phan made a breakthrough discovery. He discovered a stem cell depository in the umbilical cord lining. This is the largest depository of human stem cells, which are of age 0, making them as potent as embryonic stem cells. These stem cells are harvested at a fraction of the cost without ethical concerns. Currently, CRC owns 40 International patents while other patents are still pending.

In 2008, CRC transferred the license to harvest stem cells from the umbilical cord lining to FBM. Therefore, FBM has full rights to use the stem cells from umbilical cord lining to treat wounds, eyes, and bones degeneration exclusively in Vietnam as the contract signed between two companies. 

Currently, Prof. Phan is working at Surgery Dept., Yong Loo Lin Medicine School, National University School in Singapore. 



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