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KenCare Holdings (Singapore)

KenCare Holdings (Singapore) is a biotechnology company that owned the patent with the title: "Extra Cellular Metrix Extraction from Human and Animal Umbilical Cord and Placenta. It has been found that this is one of the richest source of proteins and collagen. The company owns the intellectual property for the Umbilical Cord and Placenta's Cellular Matrix Extraction and focus on the applications of this resource. Two reputable brand were created by using and apply of this patent: P'CELL and JuviSkinCare. 


KenCare Vietnam, a child of KenCare Hodlings (Singapore) is also a biotechnology company that owned a chain of a research and bio skin care packaging lab, a beauty training centre, and an international medical clinic in Vietnam. KenCare Vietnam was set up with the purpose to let the Vietnamese patients enjoy the high quality of the advanced stem cell therapy at the lower cost. This model can be applied for other countries as well.



KenCare Holdings (Singapore) KenCare Vietnam and work hand in hand with each other to develop the skin care, wound care, scar care, hair loss treatment products and supplements which using the key ingredients PLASMA* and WH-Stem*.


With our in house "5 in 1" system: Research & Development, Production & Packaging, Marketing & Sale and Technology Transfer & Application

and our very Flexible Collaborate Models 

we believed that


will create

more Opportunities


Your HealthCare - Wellness - Beauty Business

A new chapter of Regenerative Medicine 




KenCare Vietnam

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