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Tele - Medical Consultantion between Singapore and Vietnam


            Beside the interests in stem cell research and develop skincare and wound care products, Ms. Ann, the founder of KenCare Group also has interest in medicine. With more than 15 years of experience living in Singapore, became familiar with the healthcare system in both Singapore and Vietnam, she has helped the hospitals in these two countries to collaborate with each other in co-research, co-diagnosis, co-treatment and patient management. She built Viet-Sing, a subsidiary of KenCare Group in Vietnam as a bridge for Vietnamese patients who would like to have a second opinion or come to Singapore for medical treatment.


            Viet-Sing was known as Raffles Hospital Representative Office in Vietnam for 2 years from January 2006 to December 2007. After which, Viet-Sing became a partner of the National University Hospital and some other healthcare providers in Singapore in medical translation, medical training and healthcare event organization.


            Currently, KenCare Group (Singapore) is working closely with Viet-Sing to set up the KenCare (Viet-Sing) International Medical Centre in Vietnam. In the beginning, this centre will provide three services: Skin & Wound Care services, Wellness & Anti-aging  services and Tele-medical consultation between Singapore and Vietnam.


            The tele-medical consultation service was set up with the aim to help Vietnamese patients save time and money, as well as plan for diagnosis and treatment in Singapore. It also helps to notify the patients in advance if their disease cannot be treated in Singapore.

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