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P'CELL Scarcare

P'CELL Scarcare

SKU: PScar

1ml/tube - 6 tubes/box


    A scar will never completely go away, but there are some methods that can help reduce its size and appearance. P’CELL ScarCare was created not only for this purpose. In addition, it provides the skin with the ultimate boost of nutrients and encourages skin to regain its natural looks.

    This product does not contain any preservatives. It is specially packaged in a sterile condition and needs to be stored at 4-8 degrees Celsius to ensure its freshness and potency.


    (1ml/tube - 6 tubes/box)

  • USAGE:

    P’CELL ScarCare is created specifically to assist wound treatment in its early stages so as to reduce the formation of scars. It helps to prevent the formation of large and deep scars that will be more difficult to treat in the future.



    4° - 8°C - Refrigerator Temperature

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