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P'CELL Platinum

P'CELL Platinum

SKU: PPlatinum

2ml/tube - 6 tubes/box/6 treatments


    Similar to P’CELL Filler, the advanced P’CELL Platinum also contains a very high concentrated amount of complex cell growth factors, PLASMA* and to be used together with a micro needle derma-roller or any type of micro needling equipments to get more effective result of skin treatment, but the difference is it is specially designed for pigmentation, dark sports, sun spots and stretch marks treatments.


    This product does not contain any preservatives. It is specially packaged in a sterile condition and needs to be stored below zero degrees Celsius (frozen) to ensure its freshness and potency.


    (2ml/tube - 6 tubes/box/6 treatments)

  • USAGE:

    P’CELL Platinum can be used together with RF, IPL or any type of lasers to reduce scars, wrinkles and restore, renew, regenerate your skin cells.




    0°C - Refrigerator Temperature

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