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JuviCleanser Foaming

JuviCleanser Foaming




    Cleanser is a safe, non-alkaline product -  a perfect way to cleanse the skin without harming your skin.


    The difference and uniqueness by elements including growth factors, proteins, collagen is added from the main material WH-Stem * derived from umbilical cord stem cells White Horse and castor oil, a kind natural essential oils to cleanse impurities from the depth of the surface pores and skin helps clear pores, leaving your skin is not sticky. Also the ricinoleic acid in castor oil can help prevent viruses and bacteria are very good. This helps JuviCleanser effective in protecting the skin, leaving it healthy.


    Combined with some components such as Glutathione, Vitamin E, aloe extract helps moisturize, nourish a smooth skin helped JuviCleanser become widely popular especially with the group of customers with sensitive skin oranges.


    JuviCleanser is specially designed safe to use right after the cosmetic treatment of skin, but the product is so that you can use every day to have more youthful skin.


    •Wet and wash your face with clean water

    •Take a small amount of cleanser and apply on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and the entire face, avoiding the eye area. Light massage for 2-3 minutes.

    •Rinse your face with clean water

    Use 2 times / day (for acne and acne, to use 3-4 times day to remove oil from the skin, clean the skin and provide essential nutrients for the skin regeneration, limiting the creation scar)

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