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    Juvi9 is the form of nutrient-rich gel from the culture medium of stem cells, aloe vera and vitamin mixtures, amino acids help regenerate the skin, providing nutrients for the skin, enhance skin moisture and light. Juvi9 also works to soften the skin, anti-stretch and gradually upward skin firmer. Can be used to support face, the whole body or after whitening treatments, skin lightening.


    When you apply the product on your skin will feel the softness of the skin, 3 minutes after the skin feel a bit stretched by 1 thin film coated nutrients, wake up the next morning will feel the skin taut, smooth than. In addition, the morning before applying makeup 1 Juvi9 layer lining cream, makeup very beautiful and very much limited side effects of makeup cosmetics on the skin.


    Lotion, moisturizing the skin, reduce wrinkles on the skin and brightens the complexion.


    Blurring due bruises scars, stretch marks and reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging on the skin.


    •Wash skin with JuviCleanser.

    •Spread the product on the skin, lightly massage until the product penetrates into the skin.

    •Use 2 times / day morning and evening cells. If no conditions used 2 times / day, taken in the evening before bedtime.

    •Juvi9 keep cool in the refrigerator compartment to illuminate the skin has undergone cosmetic processes such as Laser, Dermaroller, Thermage, HIFU, or bleached CO2 Fractional peeling, skin whitening is really needed by the addition of nutrients to the skin and restoration of the skin lesions and the skin healed quickly.

    Efficiency is higher if conditional use Juvian / or JuviGrow / Hay JuviPro2 15 minutes ago, then used Juvi9 to skin care regime more comprehensive.

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