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Juvi Fill Plus

Juvi Fill Plus




    JuviFill Plus is a sterile products, contain highest levels of WH-Stem * in JuviSkincare products. It is result of remarkable progress in “filing” concave scar. JuviFill Plus also uses for reducing wrinkles and slow dowwn the apperance of deep wrinkles and tighten skin and rejuvenate skin by replenishing high actively concentration of stem cells into the area of pigmentation, wrinkles, minimum maintenance, sagging skin.


    • To be used with Dermaroller technology, DermaPen, DermaStamp, ... Can get stem cell nutritions deeper into the epidermal layer, the dermis, epidermis.

    •Can be used right after Laser treatment, Chemical peel, Thermage, HIFU, RF at clinic to improve skin regeneration and to heal lesions on the skin

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