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Services for Singaporean Healthcare Providers 


             KenCare acknowledges the aspiration and enthusiasm of both Vietnamese and Singaporean medical fraternities in engaging in a mutually beneficial dialogue. Indeed, a meaningful collaboration in areas such as research, training, teaching and joint-management of complicated cases would bring about tremendous gains for both parties. KenCare is proud of having been able to facilitate the achievement of that ultimate goal for both parties with our series of well-designed programs.


            KenCare is providing the following services to assist our Singaporean partners in penetrating the Vietnamese market:


  • Provide representative services, facilities, recruitment services and staff training in Vietnam.

  • Provide online marketing, medical articles translation, website design & website management and design/printing the catalogues/brochures/flyers Vietnamese language.

  • Provide help with short Vietnamese medical language for Singaporean clinic's front counter staff and international patient co-ordinators in Singapore.

  • Organization of scientific symposiums/seminars/group meetings in Vietnam.

  • Organization of volunteering and charity programs for Singaporean doctors and nurses in Vietnam.

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