Stem Cell Solutions


 Skin Regeneration, Wound Care, Scar Care, Hair Loss Treatment


Stem Cell Proteins for Micro-Needling Therapies

Acne Scar Treatment - Wrinkle Reduction








Stem Cell Proteins for Post-Laser & Other Aesthetic Treatments

Faster Healing & Reduced Downtimes

Stem Cell Proteins for Brightening & Anti-Aging 

Beautiful and Young Forever



















Stem Cell Proteins for Acne Treatment  

Increases the Healing Rate of your Acne Afflicted Skin and Reduces the Formation of Acne Scars


















Stem Cell Proteins for Wound Care

Speeds Up the Healing Process of Difficult-to-Heal or Non-Healing Wounds 



















Stem Cell Proteins for Anti-Scarring

Reduces Scars and Prevents Recurrence

















Stem Cell Proteins for Eczema Treatment

Alleviates Eczema Symptoms (e.g. Redness and Itchiness)

Effects of P'CELL

Treatments at KenCare International Medical Clinic in Hanoi and other clinics/hospitals in Vietnam

KenCare International Medical Clinic in Hanoi helps to save the fingers of a Vietnamese patient 
Doctors at other hospitals in Vietnam had planned to amputate the patient’s fingers prior to treatment using P’CELL products. After 2 months of P’CELL WoundCare Treatment, the condition of the patient’s fingers dramatically improved. A further 2 months of continuous treatment proved the success of P’CELL WoundCare — the patient’s fingers were almost fully functional once again.



P'CELL Brightening Action in ACTION

Proven results after 6 treatments of P’CELL Brightening Action Solution, experienced by a spa owner in Hanoi, Vietnam.


P'CELL Anti-Aging Treatment

Visible reduction in wrinkles after receiving P’CELL Anti-Aging Treatment Package at the International Clinic in Vietnam.



















Acne Scars Significantly Reduced

Acne scars improved after 3 cycles of Micro-needle Derma Roller Therapy, using P'CELL Collagen Plus at KenCare International Medical Clinic in Hanoi, Vietnam.




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