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KenCare owns the stem cell technology patent for the extraction of Extra Cellular Matrix from the Umbilical Cord and Placenta, covering resources from both humans and animals.

An innovative and trusted biotechnology company


KenCare Holdings (Singapore) is a biotechnology company that owns the patent of Extracellular Matrix Extraction
from Human and Animal Umbilical Cord and Placenta, one of the richest sources of proteins and collagen.
As the intellectual property owner for the Umbilical Cord and Placenta's Cellular Matrix Extraction,
we focus on the applications of this resource into:  

Stem cell therapy for skin and body anti-aging 
Stem cell therapy for skin and regenerating and rejuvenation 
 Stem cell therapy for scar repair and wound healing 
Stem cell therapy for enhancing immunology system and nutritional supplements
And make our brands that are growing worldwide

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With reputable brands P’CELL and JuviSkinCare under this patent, we aim to advance stem cell research and regenerative bio-medicine for the discovery and development of diagnostics and treatments. We do this to find more effective solutions for stem cell regeneration, anti-aging, wound healing, skin care, and skin aesthetic.

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As a leading company in stem cell research and application, we are committed to investing resources into continuing research, development and innovation to create the most advanced stem cell solutions for skin healing, nurturing, protecting and anti-aging based on our key stem cell cloning technology and patent.

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